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* 100 full colour re-usable pupil work books

* 25 copies of each Book 1, Book 2, Book 3 and Book 4

* Books are numbered 1-4 for flexible use across the years

* Each book contains twelve computational thinking puzzles

* Puzzle Answers

Download our free Computational Thinking Diary for

your pupils to use in computing lessons

and throughout the curriculum

25 re-usable copies of each full colour workbook

or buy individually

Sample Computational Thinking Puzzles

Buy Individually

Price £300.00

Engaging Computational Thinking Puzzle Books for Key Stage 2

Computational Thinking is a life skill for everyone. It is about transforming a seemingly complex problem into a simple one that we know how to solve.  This involves the use of abstraction, decomposition and generalisation when approaching tasks to remove unnecessary detail, split it into manageable parts and build on solutions that have been found and used before.

Our workbooks are packed full of colourful, engaging, puzzles for Key Stage 2 pupils (aged 7-11). They are designed to be used independently by children to develop and practice the computational thinking skills that form part of the National Curriculum for Computing.  Intended for Years 3-6 they are numbered 1-4 for flexible use throughout Key Stage 2.

They can be used on their own or as a valuable addition to iCompute's comprehensive primary computing scheme of work.  

Computational Thinking

ERA 2017 Finalist
Book 2 - Puzzle 2
Book 1 - Puzzle 9
iCompute CT Diary

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