Fun computing home learning activities for children aged 5-11

Learning Together

These activites have been created for children aged 5-7 to learn the basics of computing at home with their families.

They are 'unplugged' and do not need a computer or device.

They help develop and practise computational thinking skills.

Learn Coding Tutorials

These step-by-step online tutorials have been created for

children aged 7-11 to learn coding on their own.

They use a range of programming languages to help children develop and practise computational thinking and coding skills.

They need a computer with access to the Internet.

Learn Coding

Online Tutorials


Online Lessons

Step-by-step online lessons designed for children to follow either with their families or on their own.

They need reading skills and a computer with access to the Internet.

Year 1

Year 1 - iProgram

In this unit the children use Scratch Jr to design and program animated stories

Throughout the unit the children are introduced to and explore computing concepts that will serve as a foundation for their ongoing work in computing. Ideas such as design, algorithms, programming, testing and debugging.

Give your pupils this link to download the booklet at home:

This link is to a short introductory video for Scratch Jr

Download the Activities

Year 2

Year 2 - iPub

In this unit the children embark on journey through the history of computing by researching the remarkable advances computing and technology have made throughout time.

The children will present their findings and develop their digital literacy skills by producing digital presentations.

Give your pupils a link per lesson to access the online lessons at home:

Year 3

Year 3 - iConnect

This unit explores the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web and involves online surfing, searching and evaluation.

At its core are a series of iConnect online tutorials that teach children how to use the web and search engines safely and effectively.

Give your pupils a links per lesson to access the lesson at home:

Year 4

Year 4 - iAnimate

This unit introduces children to designing and creating computer animations.

The children will learn how moving images are made, explore creating narratives and combine them with artwork to make their own animated stories.

Give your pupils a links per lessonto access the lesson at home:

Year 5

Year 5 - iCrypto

In this unit the children learn about communicating securely with an introduction to cryptography.

They will learn that messages throughout time have been encrypted and decrypted using ciphers.

They will explore a number of different cryptography methods and understand the need for secure communication.

Give your pupils one link per lesson to access them online:

Year 6

Year 6 - iApp

In this unit the children use Bitsbox to design and program their own apps.

This unit extends the children’s app development skills from blocks-based programming by introducing them to programming apps with text.

Using a simplified JavaScript language, the children apply their computational thinking skills and begin to understand the importance of syntax.

Give your pupils this link to download the activity pack at home:

Download the Activities

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