Linked Web pages

Web pages connected by links

Think of the internet as a shopping centre.  Inside the shopping centre are lots of different shops. The World Wide Web is just one of the ‘shops’ the internet shopping centre has.

The World Wide Web (or The Web for short) is a collection of all of the web pages available on the internet that you can look at or listen to online.

It is called a ‘web’ because the web pages are linked to each other using hyperlinks (links for short).  

Hyperlinked means that if you click on something, you get taken to somewhere else on The Web.

There are links on this website and we will be learning how to use them to move around the The Web.

Links sometimes have their words underlined, are written in a different colour, or change colour when you move your mouse over them.  The mouse pointer also sometimes changes to a hand        when you move over them.  Try clicking here.