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Using Scratch with tablets or a touchscreen device

Scratch can be used on iPads, tablets and touchscreen devices.

Scratch is still in development by the team at MIT so look out for updates and new functions.

What doesn't work (at the moment)

Currently Scratch 3.0 does not support When __ pressed events.

(Unless you are using a device with an external keyboard attached)

If you don't have a keyboard, you need to use a workaround for one or two of our lessons.

Using sprites as input controls

Instead of using When __ pressed events you can add sprites to act as input controls instead.

Here we've added four arrow sprites.

When the arrow sprites are tapped/clicked, they broadcast messages that other sprites respond to.

The receiving sprite (in this case Santa) then responds to the broadcast.

Detecting taps on the screen

Alternatively you could detect taps on the screen (backdrop/stage) using the position of the cursor.

The Scratch stage/backdrop has these coordinates.

By using When stage clicked event blocks (on the backdrop) we can check where the user has tapped by checking the x-y coordinates.

We can check whether the tap is at the top, bottom, left or right hand side of the screen.

Then broadcast messages that other sprites can respond to.

We've made a set of these blocks that you can use in your projects for you.

Get the blocks: